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Anita Rancatti creates watercolor paintings and photography that capture the beauty of unique locations and nature.

Anita Rancatti attended the High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas as an art major and then obtained a Bachelor in Architecture from the University of Houston. Over the past 20 years she focused on watercolor and has traveled and studied with a variety of masters. She has lived in Texas, Washington state and now lives in Durango, Colorado.  

"I like to travel and hike and use my experiences and photographic images of these places to develop visual memories via watercolor.  Watercolor is a challenging medium with the outcome impacted by the skill of the artist as well as the current environment and the materials used. I enjoy letting the paint go where it wants to go and at other times trying to control it. I am always surprised when the final result is a wonderful painting. 


As a watercolor artist, I like to use 2 sources for inspiration: plein air studies and photographs. I am also always fascinated by the flow of water and the use of watercolor to capture that movement. 


I am drawn to high value and color contrast so my watercolors demand rich darks. I also work to develop interesting design compositions."

Durango Library Solo Show

Durango Public Library, Durango, CO 

March 2020

Pine River Library Solo Show
Bayfield, CO  
April 2 - June 30 - 2018

Durango International Photography Show
Durango Art Center, Durango, CO 
 March 9-31 - 2018

Bayfield Group Show,

Pine River Library,Bayfield, CO  
October 1 - December 31 - 2017

Durango Member Show
Durango Art Center, Durango, CO 
October 24 - November 17 - 2017

Durango Member Show

Durango Art Center, Durango, CO 


Durango Plein Air Show
Durango Art Center, Durango, CO 


Edmonds Arts Festival

Edmonds, WA 2010

Edmonds, WA 2009

Edmonds, WA 2008


Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival

Mukilteo, WA  2006

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